Zoom F3 Battery

1 minute read

After looking for information about battery duration with Zoom F3 I've decided to do some tests myself to understand for how long I can leave it hanged to a tree with a couple of Clippy EM272. This is the setup and the results, hope that someone else could benefit:

  • Microphones: Clippy EM272 with phantom power enabled (+48V)
  • File format: WAV 32b/96kHz

I've measured the maximum duration leaving the Zoom recording until it powers off itself due to low battery power, then copying the files from the micro-sd card and pasting in Reaper, one after another, and checking the duration. This is because I plan to leave it to itself for as long as possible, hoping to not loose too much recording when the Zoom shuts off.

Power source Duration
Lithium AA batteries, rechargeable, marked as 3400 mWh (1.5V) 3h 45m
Alkaline AA batteries, non-rechargeable, without capacity indication (1.5V) (brand: VARTA) 3h 50m
Ni-MH AA batteries, rechargeable, 2000 mAh (1.2V) 5h 17m
Generic USB-C powerbank, 10.000 mAh 19h 9m

NB. All recharegeable batteries and the powerbank was just fully recharged, non rechargeable batteries was new.