Windy day in a beech forest

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The beech forest in Oriolo Romano is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) due to its low altitude and the fact that hasn't changed much since the last ice age. Usually beech forests grows at 700/900 mt while this one grows at only 540 mt. high.


Today was a very windy day, very few people around and I've decided for a small trip with a "drop rig" recording.

Technical notes:

  • Mics: Clippy EM272 (XLR), matched pairs into a Tascam DR100MKII.
  • Despite the furry wind protections, I had to roll-off frequencies under 40Hz due to the very strong wind gusts.

No editing, apart from cutting.

I've suspended them at about 2 meters on a big beech tree, with the mics on the opposite sides of the trunk.


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