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What happens when you leave a contact microphone at ant's mercy?

The first part is a simple piezoelectric (chinese brand, bought on Amazon for about 10 euros) near an anthill. The insects were moderately curious about this strange rock, rubbing antennas and legs on the body, some of them altro tried to remove the adhesive cover on the top.

On the second part the piezo becomes an intruder stuck in the anthill. Notably, the ants were not so angry but the mic captured a variety of underground sounds, rumbling and water-like flowing. Honestly didn't knew this sounds could came from the soil.

The audio and video setup


  • Cheap (guitar) contact mic
  • Custom made preamp to match impedance and boost level
  • Recorder: Zoom F6
  • Camera: Lumix G80 with Olympus macro lenses

The video has been mounted in Reaper. Audio is not edited, apart from normalization.